Welcome at Mega Scan radiology centers, we are the first specialized establishment representing the private sector since 1966, founded by the pioneer radiology professor Dr. Mohamed Hafez Sherif - the ex president of Egyptian radiology association, aimed to present & implement the mechanism of experience, accurate & quality in medical imaging diagnosis by continuous improvement of patient care & provide up to date technology machines-equipment and most of all qualified expert human resource because it is our deep faith that they are truly the ultimate investment to guarantee superior quality services.

عنوان: 44 شارع سوريا - امام سفارة الجابون
منطقة: المهندسين
مدينة: الجيزة
تليفون: 02-37625577

تليفون إضافي: 02-37625588
البريد: غير متوفر
الموقع الإلكتروني: http://web.megascancenters.com/
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